The Role Shredders Play In Todays Modern Offices

The role a paper shredder plays in today’s modern office environments is very different to years gone by. No longer is shredding everything a practical exercise due to time constraints and the range of alternative and often more convenient document destruction methods available.

More choice also raises the need to be more discerning about what information is best destroyed using outsourced document destruction services and what documents should still be shredded within the confines of the office.


Generally the greater the confidentiality of the information being managed, the more ownership is taken to ensure it’s secure disposal. Handlers of this more confidential information usually prefer to destroy highly sensitive information within the confines of their own office using a paper shredder.

Paper Shredders offer a solution not able to be matched by any outsourced methods of document destruction. With “Instant Termination” of information achieved by shredding, sensitive information is destroyed in an instant and at the same time as disposal takes place – “On Demand”.

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Clearly shredding is an invaluable measure taken to protect against corporate fraud, industrial espionage and dumpster diving to mention a few. The list of document types to shred is endless yet often overlooked.

Information that should be shredded before leaving your office is simple to identify .
Any data that contributes to making your business successful yesterday, today and tomorrow should be shredded on the spot when no longer needed!

The best method of shredding information generated in a corporate context, is to destroy these documents using a Cross Cut (level 3) or Micro Cut (level 4) paper shredder.

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The Cross Cut and Micro Cut method of shredding offers very practical advantages over and above conventional methods of shredding such as strip cut shredding. Clearly information destroyed when shredding with High Security office shredders, delivers destruction of documents well beyond forensic and any practical recovery once Cross or Micro cut shredded. Shredded waste volumes are also greatly reduced to as little as twenty percent or one fifth of the volumes produced by straight cut or strip cut shredding. These advantages are indeed hard to ignore!