Maintenance of Self Feeding Paper Shredders

Guidance to Improving Your Automatic Feeding Paper Shredders Operation

Over time, neglect of recommended shredder maintenance can result in the decline of performance when ignored. Like not changing the oil in a car, failure can occur due to negligence. In the case of a paper shredder, the hand feed sheet capacity or ability to auto feed paper can decline.

The best source of information to learn about your shredders care and maintenance is to carefully read the user manual often available on the manufacturers website.

Common troubleshooting tips are usually outlined in user manuals to help resolve most problems.

Poor Performance of Manual Feed Sheet Capacity
When the thickness of paper able to be shredded in one pass is lower than usual, the user manual will often recommend oiling the shredders blades using shredder oil sheets or shredder oil from a bottle. In both cases the oil needs to be applied via the manual feed paper entry. Using oil sheets is a convenient and mess free method while if using bottled oil, it’s best to apply the shredder oil between sheets when feeding paper into the machine to help prevent oil contacting the paper sensors.

Inconsistent Auto Feeding Function
When not auto feeding paper, possibly this will be due to dirty rubber auto feed rollers or paper feed belts. Usually the user manual will outline how to clean rubber auto feed rollers or belts to reinstate the shredders automatic feeding function. With the shredder disconnected from the power source, using a damp micro-fibre cloth to clean over the rubber roller or belt surface completely, turning around until the full surface is clean. Prior to connecting the power cable to the shredder, wait until the rubber surfaces have completely dried. This simple process will possibly restore the auto feeding operation of your shredder. Something to know is rubber rollers or belts are perishable items which can degrade with age, unable to be restored due to general wear and/or contamination due to shredder oil being wrongly applied.

Signs rubber rollers or belts require replacement can include:
Rubber missing.
Rubber torn.
Rubber falling apart.
Inconsistent roller or belt size, due to swelling from contamination.
Recduction in diameter of worn rollers.

Like tyres on a car, these items will eventually wear out. See availability of replacement auto feed rollers and cartridges.

Shredder Brands with auto feeding that use rubber auto feed rollers and belts encompass Dahle Shredmatic, HP AF, HSM Securio AF, INFOSTOP Automaster, Kobra AF, Rexel Optimum and Rexel Auto+ models.

Shredder Wont Turn Off
If your paper shredder wont stop working when finished, possibly your shredder has dirty hand feed or auto feed paper photocells sensors. The operators manual should highlight locations of the paper shredders photocell sensors to clean. With the shredder unplugged from the power source, using a small brush and/or small lightly dampened micro fibre cloth, clean over the photocell sensors surface area. Prior to reconnecting to the power plug, wait until the photocells sensors surfaces have completely dried.

Following these tips will hopefully resolve the above faults. For extra help if required, contact the technical service team at Document Dynamix Australia for more assistance:
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