Industrial Shredders

Extensive Range
The majority of INFOSTOP and IDEAL high-capacity industrial shredders are conveyor fed and available in various cut types including 6 and 13mm wide strip cut which is perfect for baling shredded paper. Various cross cut options are also available where higher levels of security are required.

Power for Mass Volume Shredding
These large scale industrial shredders mostly operate from 3-phase power and depending on the model, require a 20amp or 32amp power supply amperage. The entry model INFOSTOP IS11400CT  & IS11400ST both operate from a 15amp single phase power supply.

Although industrial shredders can weigh from 253kg to 1450kg (even more with options and accessories), all are supported on heavy-duty castors so on hard floors, these heavy machines can still be moved with a minimum of exertion.

INFOSTOP and IDEAL high-capacity industrial shredders can also be scaled up to increase productivity. This is commonly achieved by including an output conveyor, rather than shredding into the standard waste collection area which has limited space. By using an output conveyor, productivity is increased, possibly doubling the rate of kg/hr output due to less interruption of operation caused by a limited waste capacity. With an output conveyor added and plugged in with a simple plug-in connection, this is now controlled by the shredder. Minimising the handling of shredded waste volume, a high percentage of industrial shredders purchased are also ordered with an output conveyor.

Various levels of customisation are available including wider feed decks or offset feed decks. By the customisation of feed decks, your individual needs can be met to help streamline the sorting of material before shredding. For example, when tipping bin contents from a wheelie bin tipper. Shredded paper can exit the shredder using an output conveyor with options to vary the exit height to suit your production environment. Standard exit height of the various output conveyors available range from 240 – 660 litre bin heights.

Whatever your needs, trust Document Dynamix Australia to help start or continue your large scale shredding operations with safety, speed and efficiency. View our range here or contact us with any questions.

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