Hard Drive Shredding & Digital Media Destruction

Rely on Document Dynamix Australia for your eDestruction Requirements.

Proactive Practices = Better Data Protection

The necessity to destroy all data held on retired hard drives and other data carrying devices has always been an important issue to owners, responsible for these assets. DDX positions Data Centres, Australian Government Offices and IT departments of all sizes to efficiently destroy retired hard drives and other data storage devices with the convenience and absolute knowledge that comprehensive high security destruction is completed.

Video Validation

Accountability by Video Validation – See it so you can believe it for your absolute peace of mind.
DDX can provide video evidence of your hard drive destruction processes from scanning to shredding to shredded residue falling into the waste collection receptacle.

Hard Drive Destruction Beyond Recovery

DDX enables IT Departments, Data Centres and Australian Government Departments across Australia to truly secure redundant hard drives & unwanted electronic devices. Document Dynamix Australia is your first choice for high security hard drive destruction. No longer worry about what to do as your redundant & faulty Hard Drives steadily accumulate, consuming your valuable space.

Why Shredding Is the Only Answer

Without question, secure shredding is the most instant and comprehensive means of physically destroying data held on hard drives. Shredding ensures data contained on hard drives and other data storage devices, can never be recovered again.

How Is This Achieved, So You Can You Be Absolutely Worry Free?

Once shredded, Electronic devices can never be reoperated. Unlike punching or bending, hard drives are instantly and thoroughly destroyed, reduced into many small particles.
Most importantly, once shredded, the physical structure of the platter or chip on SSD hard drives which stores your data is completely secured, altered beyond recovery.

Hard Drive Shredding

Our Industrial Hard Drive Shredders ensures that your hard drive can never be operated again, unlike degaussing which can prove a time consuming and sometimes and unsuccessful process.

As the physical structure and appearance of hard-drives are significantly altered once shredded, total peace of mind is achieved. By comparison, degaussing, punching or bending of hard drives still leaves a question mark as these methods of destruction leave the device in the same or similar in appearance.

Our eShredding Capabilities Include

Platter & SSD Hard Drives: Laptop/Notebook, Tower & Server Hard Drives (with and without caddies)
Back Up Tapes: LTO 3, 4, 5
Video Tapes: All Formats
Storage Media: All Consumer & Commercial Formats Including USB, SD, SDHC, SDXC, CF Cards ect
Audio Tapes: All Formats
Small Electronic Devices: Mobile & Smart Phones, Tablets, Media Devices
Gaming Industry: Playing Cards, Gaming Chips

The Process

1: Collection Order
Order / Destruction Authorisation form to be completed, stating quantity and types of devices to process.
2: Collection
(A), Devices sent to our facility by senders choice.
(B), Collection with receptacle provided by DDX.
(C), High Security Collection Using SCEC Endorsed Carrier. Receptacle can be provided upon request using SCEC Endorsed Locks or Security Seals.
3: Receiving – Intake of Collection Orders are promptly checked, first photographing then observing the security seals (where used) are intact with no signs of tampering or force evident. If seals are intact and no signs of tampering or force is evident, they are broken for access.
4: Device Count – Intake of devices are scanned to confirm the quantity and types of devices match the details completed on the Order / Destruction Authorisation form.
5: Weigh In – Intake of devices are weighed to confirm the combined weight prior to shredding.
6: Shredding Session Commences, firstly by individually scanning every device prior to being inserted into the shred chamber. Once shredding is completed, the shredding manifest of scanned devices is checked against the Device Count manifest created during the intake of the devices.
7: Weigh Out – All shredded residue is weighed to match against combined weight prior to shredding.
8: Certificate of completion is provided, that secure destruction has been performed to every device.

Optional Services

Video Validation can be provided using multi point video technology of the entire shredding process including the operator scanning then inserting the device to be shredded. Once the device has been inserted into the shred chamber, video footage of the device being shredded is comprehensively captured internally using multi point video technology so you can witness the device being ingested into the shredder’s blades and exiting as shredded particles out of the shredders blades. In addition, a bin view is included as the shreds of your hard drive are deposited into our industrial hard drive shredders eWaste collection bin.

High Security Collection Using SCEC Endorsed Courier. Receptacle can be provided upon request using SCEC Endorsed Locks or Security Seals.

Disposal of Shredded eWaste

Shredded eWaste is collected by an accredited eWaste recycler.
Environmentally responsible recycling is practised to recover rare and precious metals contained in your eWaste used to manufacture these devices.

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