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Are GreenWay Cardboard Perforators Oil Free?

Your GreenWay Cardboard Perforator is oil-free. Why do paper shredders need oiling? The main reason for oiling a paper shredder is to clear out debris and any build-up of material within the cutting head assembly. During shredding, debris often builds up between the cutter and strippers which places a higher load on the cutters. This… Read the full article

Automatic Paper Shredders Improvement Over Time

Over the years, automatic feed paper shredders have improved a lot. When they first hit the market, they were purchased more for the novelty and came at an expense. With the advancement of auto feed shredders, the time-saving benefits now are clear and instead of being a novelty purchase, they allow much improved productivity. As… Read the full article

Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ Paper Shredders

Introducing the new Optimum AutoFeed+ range. This new generation of Rexel auto-feed shredders includes the same features as previous generations with the addition of an updated appearance and improvements like touch control panels. Rexel maintains its time saving, easy operation, and the ability to bulk load in a stack of paper to be securely shredded… Read the full article

Are Auto or Manual Feed Shredders better for your office?

To take full control of your document security, shredding using an in-house shredder is the way to go. It reduces the amount of handling your documents will go through before being destroyed. So the question becomes is an auto feed or manual feed shredder best for your office? With auto feed shredders having been around… Read the full article

Paper Shredders suited for working from home

The way businesses are run today is very different since we first learned of Coronavirus. One large change is that it is now common to work from home. When working from home, it’s easy to let documents stack up especially if you don’t have access to a paper shredder like you did when in an office…. Read the full article

Found, Stray Medical Files Found On Busy Brisbane Road Not Far From The Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital!

Found, Stray Medical Files Found On Busy Brisbane Road Not Far From The Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital! The pain and bad publicity the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital are currently mopping up is a reminder that there is no better document security than knowing your papers are destroyed within the confines of their… Read the full article

Auto Feeding Paper Shredders

Auto feeding paper shredders, sometimes referred to self-feeding paper shredders are not new. In fact, the first attempts to bring auto feeding auto shredders to the market date back almost 30 years with the release of the REXEL 415, 425 and 435 series. These REXEL models were large and expensive machines and the belt style… Read the full article

Paper shredding for GDPR compliance in the office

GDPR is a buzz at the moment and digital security is high up on a company’s priorities list. But let’s not forget the importance of paper and physical data security. It could be very costly to skip over the importance of maintaining a secure process of getting rid of paper-based documents. All companies are responsible… Read the full article

Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme

You Need to Know, Because It Effects Most Organisations The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is developing guidance and organising events to help organisations understand their obligations under the NDB scheme, and prepare for commencement. This page provides an Outline of the Scheme and will provide updates on the development of guidance and… Read the full article