Is your shredder not working?

Check out our shredder not working checklist first

When your paper shredder doesn’t work, in some cases there are some steps you can take that may restore the operation of your machine.

By following these checks, your shredder may be operating again sooner than you think.

Paper Shredder Electrical Checks

Power Supply to Shredder

  • Is your power cord plug inserted into the wall power socket completely?
  • Is your wall power socket switch turned on?
  • Have you checked the wall power socket works? Operating another appliance from the power socket will confirm there is power. If the other appliance doesn’t work, check the circuit breaker as it may need to be reset.

Powering Shredder

  • Is the shredder’s power supply switch turned on? The power supply switch is usually positioned on a side panel, often at the rear (not at the control panel).


  • Does the control panel illuminate? If yes, continue reading, if no, the services of a professional service technician are most likely required.
  • Has the on button on the control panel been pressed?
  • Does the status display show any icon other than standby?
  • Does the status display show door open? >If so close the door.
  • Does the status display show bin full? >If so close the empty the bin.

If the control panel display is illuminated, but the shredder will not properly start when paper is inserted, this could be an electrical/electronic failure such as a faulty start capacitor.

Paper Shredder Mechanical Checks

  • When the shredder starts when paper is inserted, but is not feeding the paper through, there is most likely a mechanical failure.
  • If the shredder works but has developed an abnormal noise, there is most likely a mechanical fault.
  • If the shredder starts slower taking longer to build momentum, the cutters may be tight and just require the blades to be oiled using oil sheets or bottled oil.

In summary, if there are no lights showing on the control panel or the shredder operates as normal but will not feed the paper, it’s likely a service technician may be required to repair or replace electrical/electronic/mechanical components.

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