Are GreenWay Cardboard Perforators Oil Free?

Your GreenWay Cardboard Perforator is oil-free.

Why do paper shredders need oiling?

The main reason for oiling a paper shredder is to clear out debris and any build-up of material within the cutting head assembly. During shredding, debris often builds up between the cutter and strippers which places a higher load on the cutters. This in turn can reduce the speed and capacity of your shredder. Regular oiling is important to help flush out any debris to keep your shredder running efficiently.

Why don’t GreenWay cardboard perforators need oiling?

GreenWay machines perforate rather than shred which means there is not a lot of debris build up. The GreenWay machine also has innovative blades and strippers which have enhanced self-clearing. So while oiling your paper shredder is necessary, it is not required with GreenWay cardboard perforators.