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A little research is worthwhile before placing a service call for paper shredder repairs or to have your paper shredder serviced.

Rest Assured, our specialist factory trained paper shredder technicians perform repairs, servicing and maintenance to all brands of paper shredders including: Dahle, HSM, BLS, Geha, Olympia, ROTO, Kobra, GoEcoLife, Mercury, Panasonic, INFOSTOP, Intimus, IDEAL, Jastek, Royal Soverign, EBA, TDE Systems, Tarnator, Ambassador, Offrex, Destroyit, Boxis, Fordishred, Safeguard, TDE Systems, Sanyo, Ledah, Peach, Fellowes, Powershred, Fortishred, Fordigraph, Rexel, GBC, Shredmaster & Martin Yale to mention a few. DDX are also an authorised shredder warranty service & repairs provider for several shredder brands.  We also rectify problems with office shredders procured from single source suppliers such as Staples, Lycreo and Officemax.

The size of most paper shredders used in the majority of offices today range from very small home use paper shredders to entry level office shredders – these sizes are offered by most stationary and office supplies companies. Some offices use more professional heavy duty commercial grade paper shredders, however the main population of paper shredders used now days, are the smaller models offered by most stationary and office supplies retailers.

In today’s throw away society, you will only find a select number of suppliers that offer paper shredders which are supported by a genuine repair service. Generally, the more professional the office shredder, the more chance there is for repairs on your paper shredder repaired.

To help decide whether to place a service call, the main questions you could ask a paper shredder service repair provider are:

Ask what could be wrong? By providing the shredder manufacturer/service provider a description of the fault, they may know of the probable cause and work required. From this you may be able to get an estimate cost of the repairs.
Are parts available? Does the service provider have all of the parts “in stock” required to fix your shredder? You will need to supply the shredder manufacturer/service provider the brand of the paper shredder and the model of the paper shredder and the product serial/machine number. This information is usually available on the rating plate, which is fixed to the front or rear of the shredding machine. For bin top paper shredders, the rating plate is often underneath the machine.
What is the cost of a service call? Knowing if parts are available is the principal deciding factor as to whether you will commit to the costs of a service call. If no parts are available, there is a high chance you could be wasting your money by placing a service call. To have a service technician tell you parts are no longer available to fix the machine and charge you for a service call is something you can do without.
What is included in the cost of a service call? Does the service call charge include any time in addition to the service call out? For instance the service call out fee may include the first 30 minutes and perhaps a complimentary bottle of shredder oil.
What is the cost of labour and how is it billed? Is labour billed out in hour, 30 minute or 15 minute blocks?
What is the response time? How long would you expect to wait for your shredder repairs.

Ask if you can bring your shredder to the repair centre? If you are undecided whether it is worthwhile investing the money on a service call, ask if you can bring the machine to the shredder manufacturer/service providers service centre. A repair quote may be less costly than a service call charge.

Ask yourself, seek advice and research

Is your shredder effectively coping with your workload? The needs of most offices change over time. Chances are if your shredder is older, you may have out grown it and a new security level is now more suitable for your current needs.
Is it time to upgrade your shredder and it’s security level? Technology changes rapidly so investigating what shredding solutions are available will help you decide.
Is your shredder worthwhile investing money into? Is your paper shredder older (5 years +) but can be repaired. Perhaps a gearbox repair for $300.00 – remember the rest of your shredder is still original, the cutters, motor, electronics ect. Ask for the opinion of the shredder manufacturer/service provider. If you feel your shredder could be more capable, perhaps an upgrade is in order. If your happy with your shredders size and security level, maybe the repair is the better option.

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Tip!  Your broken paper shredder has failed for a reason. To save time, frustration and money, it can be beneficial to explain the problem to us before ordering the part requiring replacement. Often the cause of a broken part may be due to another component that interacts with it.

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