EziShred – Office Paper Shredder Lease, Rentals & Hire

Office, Commercial/Heavy Duty, Industrial, ASIO SEG & SCEC Endorsed

Is shredding documents a struggle in your office? Is it time consuming, preventing you from shredding all of the documents you should be? Does your office periodically hire a larger shredder to catch up? Why not have a similar or better shredder year round for a similar cost – Yes that’s right! EziShred your documents year round and position your business to better protect it’s business with our paper shredder rentals, lease & hire options.

reasons to choose ezishred

EziShred is a great office shredding tool especially if you are struggling to get your shredding done. EziShred is User Friendly, Quiet & Secure!

Make Shredding Happen with EziShred – Simply A Better Way!

Benefits of EziShred

Flexible Choices – No Inflexible Contracts
Labour Saving – Shred Over A Ream Of Paper Per Minute
Encourages Shredding – Fast, Quiet, High Capacity & User Friendly
High Security – Cross Cut Shredding (pci compliant & SCEC Endorsed)
Secure More – CD/DVD, Credit/ID/Proximity/Smart Cards, SD Cards/USB/Hard Drives
Fully Maintained – No Repair Bills and No Maintenance Contracts
Less Waste – Due To Cross Cut Technology
Clears Your Office – Makes Shredding Happen

*EziShred is not a financial instrument.

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