Cardboard Shredder Repairs and Maintenance

Whatever the cardboard shredder brand, shredding cardboard is without doubt a tough task. In addition, these machines are commonly used in dusty warehouse environments.

Shredding or perforating cardboard to make an alternative protective packaging, requires powerful machines to do so. Compared to shredding paper, shredding cardboard subjects this type of machinery to far greater levels of mechanical stress.

As a preventative measure, maintenance of your machine is extra important to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and consequential downtime. As they say, prevention is better than cure and in the case of cardboard shredders and perforators, managing these assets by failure is not only expensive but also disruptive to business process.

Properly maintained, breakdown will be unlikely during normal use. Your technical services provider will usually recommend annual to biannual preventative maintenance visits.

During preventative maintenance of your cardboard shredder, these steps are performed as a minimum:

  • Test operation prior to commencing preventative maintenance.
  • Dismantle machine removing covers.
  • Thoroughly clean machines interior.
  • Apply fresh grease to drive gears, synchronising gears, and chain.
  • Lubricate bushes.
  • Electrical connections and wiring condition checked.
  • All nuts and grub screws checked for tightness.
  • Diverter plate cleared of adhesive build-up to reduce friction for smoother trimming (machines with trimmers).
  • Adhesive tape build-up at the output area removed to clear obstruction of perforated cardboard to exit freely.
  • Reassemble covers and material guide.
  • Test for correct operation of machine and safety functions.
  • Report findings to user and make relevant recommendations for best results.
  • Clean machine and update next service reminder label.
  • Provide laminated best practices use sheet.

No matter the brand of cardboard shredder, like a car in a basic sense they all work the same way. Some of the brands we service include HSM ProfiPack, Rong Da, Kobra FlexPack, Intimus PacMaster, Recycle Pack, EcoShred, Exotek, Cushion Pack, Cardboard Muncha and more.