Why Use A Cross Cut Paper Shredder?

How surprised people are to learn that using a strip cut paper shredder is not secure enough!

The strip shred method of destroying your information for security purposes is obsolete unless you are wanting to generate packaging using non-confidential papers.

Strip shredding gives you a false sense of security and still leaves you at high risk. Here’s why!

Standard A4 office documents make up the bulk of paper sizes used, being printed in Landscape and Portrait. When destroying Landscape printed documents through a strip shredder, the paper is shredded in the same direction as the print, producing full lines of print on many strips. You will easily read one in every 3 strips and the other strips with part print on, you can easily work out what the print was. You are most at risk when shredding with a standard entry A4 strip shredder.

The solution is to “Cross Shred” all of your documents, a far more effective and precise way to properly protect your valuable information. Cross Shredding dissects your paper in both directions leaving you with confetti like materiel and not strips that can be read. The most you will read on a cross shredded particle may be a character or two. 
Shredded waste volumes are also greatly reduced from the cross cut shredding process.

By the way, Cross Shred shredders are just as reliable as Strip Shred shredders and the difference in investment is marginal.

In Summary:

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  • Strip Shredding puts your information at risk.
  • Cross Shredding removes the risk Strip Shredding causes.
  • Cross Shredding Optical Media CD’s, DVD’s & Blu-ray provides a far superior standard of security.
  • Less emptying with greater convenience due to less waste volumes generated from Cross Shredding.
  • Better for the environment using far less shredder bags combined with obvious monetary with savings.

The above image shows the risk of not using a cross cut shredder