Shredders or Document Destruction Services?

It’s Your Information!

How Useful is Yours?

Protection of the information that makes your office a success can largely be attributed to controlling the protection of your confidential documents. Being bombarded with information every second of the day is what most offices experience and having in place appropriate mechanisms to manage what happens with your information is highly essential.

When sensitive information created on paper or stored on other media carriers is no longer required, shredding has long proven to be the most instant, effective and reassuring choice of document destruction.

Information is Everything!

For The Greater Good, Information used properly is the lifeblood of every office, it’s the power to change, to analyse, to have that competitive advantage for today and tomorrow.

Information is Control and Power!

Think About this, when the feed and movement of information stops circulating at your office, your office comes to a sudden halt!

Imagine, a network outage, no longer is there ever changing information to be acted upon, causing great inconvenience and sometimes immense distress.

When Your Information is Used Incorrectly, Your power to control is compromised, the vitality of your business, it’s power to change, to analyse and to have the competitive advantage to stay ahead now and in the future is taken away.

Out of Your Control!

Manage Your Information Wisely

Think about it, when information is lost, its privacy is never recovered, things will never stay the same and what’s worse, the financial or emotional loss is never easily measured.



The Advantages of Shredding That Document Destruction Services Cannot Replace!

Why Your Office Should Proactively Use Document Shredder?

Office shredders destroy paper into much smaller, more secure particles compared to the industrial shredders that document destruction companies use. Using a paper shredder at the office is the only way to ensure that your confidential data is instantly destroyed securely, within the confines of your office and on your terms. Users do not have to worry about separating contaminants from paper such as labels and window faced envelopes to satisfy the contamination guidelines set by document destruction companies. Document destruction is Completed On Demand, before your eyes with no information leaving your office in one piece. Shredding is the most effective and reassuring choice of document destruction as it is completed on the spot. Outgoing workflows of information do not build up, keeping your office tidy and organised.

Information Loss

When identified the consequences caused by the loss of information is not easily understood or easily measured.

When a data loss is identified, it’s always too late.

What Document Destruction Service’s Don’t Want You To Know!

They Always Have An Answer For Everything But Here Are The Facts You Cannot Ignore.

Offices that engage outsourced document destruction companies expect that their documents will be shredded into the same, small sized particles created by an office shredder but this is largely untrue. Industrial shredders used by document destruction companies actually shred paper into far larger, easily read pieces of paper. In fact, if you saw the size of the shreds created by these industrial shredders, you would be rather surprised and feel very uneasy about where your documents go to after being shredded! Your documents are not destroyed when placed into a wheelie bin and a plastic wheelie bin is definitely not a secure enclosure to store confidential information.

Depending on the role of the employee, information with varying levels confidentiality will be handled. This is why outsourced document destruction is not an effective method of protecting information internally. Information not intended for the eyes of other workers is not destroyed when stored in a wheelie bin and is only removed when the wheelie bin is changed over by the document destruction company. Document destruction companies set guidelines to suit them, because they also Make Money From Your Time, Selling Your Paper For Recycling.

Meeting these guidelines to satisfy outsourced document destruction requires your extra time, time sorting paper that most office staff don’t have. Guidelines to eliminate contamination of paper for recycling requires your staffs time to remove plastics, window faced envelopes and other materials deemed as contaminants before disposal into a security bin. Did you know, a financial penalty can be imposed on the customer if a wheelie bin of paper is deemed contaminated? This is written into most document destruction service agreements.

For most professional offices, a wheelie bin in the office is very unattractive and unprofessional. It’s like placing a wheelie bin in in your lounge room at home – unheard of!