Media Release Jan’ 2013

Document Dynamix Australia (DDX) Releases EziShred “Full Circle Document Solutions” onto the Australian Market.

Today DDX releases EziShred to help position offices to combat against the alarming volumes of personal and commercially sensitive information being disposed of using insecure waste streams. Significant disparities exist between the sensitivity of information being disposed of verses, actual “Fingers Crossed” methods used to “Hopefully Terminate” confidential data?

A representative of DDX explians it’s easy to understand when you combine “Human Behavior” with inconvenient devices! Put simply, we are information rich and time poor! This is reality in today’s world and anyone willing to argue this point is indeed hard to find.

Humans tend towards the “Path of Least Resistance”, even when shredding of “Critical Information” is required.

For example, shredding in bursts is a very common practice, a full tray of paper is clearly time consuming to shred using slow smaller sized shredders which easily overheat and quickly fill – the process can be very time consuming and impact whether your sensitive information is actually destroyed before leaving your office! “Critical Information” is being dumped into insecure waste streams such as the recycle bin, or the general rubbish – these methods become the “Path of Least Resistance” in our time poor and information rich office environmnets.

Avoiding shredding is commonly justified by users stating, at least I attempted to shred, that’s good enough!
This information is now exposed and at high risk!

Confidential data is everywhere touching us every day at home, and the workplace within the confines of private enterprise and government offices.

Why EziShred?

  • EziShred Hardware Supplied Is Very Fast, Capable of Shredding Up To 2 Reams Per Minute
  • User Friendly and Practical being Commercial Duty With No Overheating
  • Library Quiet for Convenient Placement
  • High Security – Cross Cut or Micro Cut and Multimedia Capability
  • Large Waste Receptacles for Minimal Emptying 
  • Reduced Waste Volumes Resulting From High Security Cross Cut and Micro Cut Shredding Options 

Taking shortcuts to dispose of confidential data can create very high levels of risk and grounds for a data breach with significant consequences!
We are in the information age where personal and corporate identity theft is running rife.

EziShred Makes Shredding Happen At Your Office – Fast, Easy, Hassle Free!

For more information how EziShred positions your office to more efficiently and effectively protect it’s sensitive information contact Document Dynamix Australia today
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