Why To Oil Your Paper Shredder

Did You Know You Should Regularly Oil Your Paper Shredder?
Chances are you may not know about oiling your paper shredding machine but the information contained here will inform you why to oil your paper shredder and the benefits of oiling your shredder.

There are three main methods used to oil a paper shredder
1: Manual application of shredder oil dispensed from a bottle.
This is the most traditional way of oiling your shredder and when done properly, one of the most effective and least expensive methods available.
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2: Application of shredder oil using oil sheets (oil sachets).
Using shredder oil sheets is the most convenient option available to manually oil your paper shredder. However in our opinion, this is the least effective and by far the most expensive choice.

3: Shredders with an automatic oiling system.
Shredders which include automatic oiling systems are a convenient means of ensuring your shredder is oiled without having to remember to oil your shredder.

What happens when your paper shredder is oiled?
When enough oil is correctly applied to a shredding machines blades, the shredder oil will soak into debis that have accumulated around the shredders cutting assembly.

Benefits of regularly oiling your paper shredder
Shredder manufacturers recommend regular oiling to optomise shredding performance.
Once your shredder has been oiled, when next shredding paper the build up of debris that accumulated around the shredders blades will be displaced by the passing paper being shredded. Your shredders operation and performance will be restored with increased sheet capacity most noticeable.  
A shredder left without being oiled will result in decreased shredding performance!