Shredding of Security Classified Material

Shredding of Security Classified Material (SCM)

In 2010, the SCEC stopped testing of paper shredders for Class A & Class B destruction of Security Classified Material (SCM).

The Protective Security Policy Framework, developed by the Attorney Generals Department contains the Security Equiment Guide (SEG001).

Nowdays, testing of High Security Paper & Optical Media Shredders against the Security Equiment Guide (SEG001) confirms whether or not the tested paper shredders meet the government Class A or Class B requirements for shredding of Security Classified Materiel (SCM).

“Class A” and “Class B” does not align with DIN, P or other shredder security measures & standards.
Class A” has a cut size of 1.0 x 20mm or less.
Class B” has a cut size of 2.3 x 25mm or less.

In additional to particle dimension, the Security Equiment Guide (SEG001) outlines several other requirements the shredding machine has to meet including the consistency of shredded matter (discetion quality) once shredded.

Paper shredding machines not tested against the Security Equiment Guide (SEG001) do not meet the government requirements for Class A & Class B shredding of Security Classified Materiel (SCM).

The Security Equiment Guide (SEG001) was released around the time the SCEC stopped testing paper shredders and, is now used as the method of Class A and Class B testing of paper shredders.

The appropriate aplication of protective security by Government agencies and bodies ensures the operational environment necessary for the secure and confident conduct of Government business. Managing security risks effectively ensures Government agencies and bodies to provide the necessary protection of the Governments information, assets and people.

Following the Australian Government information security management guidelines support the Australian Government information security protocol.