Do How Many Users Determine the Best Size Shredder?

Does the number of users influence the best Sized Paper Shredder For Your Office?


Realistically, the number of users a paper shredder would service has nothing to do with the best sized paper shredding machine for your office needs.

There are three factors that are most important in determining the best document shredder for your office.

  1. Daily or Weekly shredding volumes. For example, a ream of paper per day, or a couple of reams of paper to shred per week?
  2. How do you approcah shredding? If you estimate your shredding amount is 500 pages per day amongst all users, how is the shredding of this done? If you are shredding as you generate paper, chances are you will need a smaller shredder compared to if your expectation is to shred once a week 2500 pages.
  3. Speed of shredding to have your shredding finished in an acceptable timeframe.

If your shredding volumes are spread evenly each day, this will be less demanding on a paper shredder compared to shredding your accumulation of papers stored once or twice a week, in which case a larger more commercial sized shredder would be more in order.

As a manufacturer of office paper shredding machines, Document Dynamix Australia suggests you monitor your daily, weekly or monthly shredding volumes. Also be midful of any times during the year when larger amounts of shredding may take place with mass shredding such as end of, or in the new financial year or at the end of the calendar year when everyone spring cleans their offices fresh for the new year.

If you know the maximum amount of sheets you would need to shred at any one time, as part of your research on suitable paper shredders, be sure the paper shredding machines your narrowing your options down to are in fact capable of shredding this amount continuously without overheating. You probably have an expectation of what time you would reasonably want to have a certain amount of paper shredded in, this is also an important question to ask to maintain shredding efficiency for all users of the shredding machine at your office.To be absolutely sure, choosing a shredder with a continuous run time motor can be a good choice and with the performance to spare to complete your shredding duties in a reasonable timeframe.

Whoever you are purchasing a paper shredder from, make sure they know the capabilities of the brand of paper shredders they sell.  Ask the above questions and if the shredder supplier does not quickly and confidently answer your questions, you will know whether or not they know what they are talking about.

Tip: Commercial office shredders are more likely to shred significantly faster, operate for longer periods, rerquire less emptying and are more reliable and robust paper shredding machines compared to cheap low priced plastic throw away document shredders purchased from catalogues and the like.

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