Preventative Maintenance Contracts – Shredders

Preventative Maintenance Agreements for Paper Shredders

Regular scheduled maintenance is the most effective means of maintaining the correct working order and long term viability of any type of electro mechanical device.

Document Dynamix Australia provides scheduled equipment maintenance, repairs and servicing solutions performed onsite at your office. A fully inclusive part of an annual maintenance agreement for paper shredders is the renewal of your paper shredders warranty, essentially your machines warranty is reactivated once your shredder is placed under a maintenance agreement. The agreement is covered by a one-time annual fee, which includes onsite maintenance and breakdown call outs, all travel time, all labour, spare parts, and corrective repairs required to maintain the full working function and optimum performance of your paper shredding machine during the year.

In the context of paper shredders, when preventative maintenance is performed, this includes comprehensive clearing and cleaning the cutting block, the removal of all compacted shredded matter which left unattended, can often be the cause of premature wear. We thoroughly clean all electrical and electronic components including the motor, circuit boards, sensors and other electrical areas to prevent dust contamination of circuit boards, electrical relay contacts and switches. The drive transmission gears and chains are thoroughly cleaned then fresh grease is applied to prevent ceasing and corrosion that can cause excessive drag on the drive system. The cabinet door is inspected, and hinges adjusted as necessary to ensure accurate closing and correct operation of the door open safety switch function. Only now is your shredder thoroughly tested, and the general condition of your machine reported including any long term wear such as condition of the shredder’s cutters.

Our equipment maintenance contracts also renews your shredders warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the agreement period. We will repair all of our work at no charge to the customer to restore the guaranteed equipment to its correct working order. Document Dynamix Australia does however exclude from its warranty any damage to equipment due to improper or unauthorized use of the equipment such as ingestion of damaging matter. Document Dynamix Australia specifically excludes damage to equipment caused by other parties.

Document Dynamix Australia provides shredder maintenance agreements, repairs and servicing solutions for all brands of paper shredders.

Whatever your location in Australia, our objective is to maximise your document shredders peak performance and increase the lifespan of your device.

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