Shredding Labels

The Daily Shred

Shredding Labels in any volume can cause congestion to the cutting area of your shredder and is not recommended by most Paper Shredder manufacturers due to clogging and restriction.

Materiel once shredded has to exit the cutters freely with no restrictions, however when labels exit, they can tend to stick and clog your machines cutters if any of the sticky side is exposed.

Shredding the occasional label does not pose a problem if it is only one or two here or there. If regular shredding of labels must be done against the recommendations of your Shredders Manufacturer, we suggest that you very frequently and generously oil the Shredders Blades to reduce any sticking effect and place you labels between non adhesive paper before passing through your shredding machine. 

We often find the Healthcare Sector needs to shred labels, with the heaviest users being Pharmacies, Chemists, Hospitals and Medical Centres. Again shredders being oiled often and generously will deliver the best results to reduce the chance of clogging. Our shredder repair centre have seen countless shredders in the workshop, clogged from jammed up labels which could have been avoided by wetting the shredders blades with oil.

Need help and suggestions about shredding adhesive labels, we have many great ideas to share.
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