Why Oiling Your Paper Shredder is Necessary

The Daily Shred

Many people think Shredder oil is used just for lubrication, but lubrication is really a secondary reason for using Shredder Oil. Shredder oil has a water like viscosity which works well for quickly soaking into debris and dust that accumulates between the shred discs

Proper application of Shredder Oil will clear this accumulation of debris and dust and restore your shredder to perform how it should by displacing excess build up of this matter. Your shredder will shred more freely and handle paper and discs with less effort. Cross Cut shredders require more frequent oiling but as a guide, it is recommend you oil your shredder each time it is emptied. If your shredder is used in a business or government office where it may be emptied more than once a week it is best to get into the habit of oiling your shredder weekly or more when used more heavily than usual.

When you buy a new paper shredder, it can be beneficial to oil you machine before the first use, this will help free the cutter shafts especially after longer periods of inactivity.

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