Productive Paper Shredding Solutions For Your Office

Productive Paper Shredding Solutions For Your Office

Shredding at the office is a procedure of very high importance in order to protect valuable data carriers including confidential documents and other information carriers. But what if shredding is a task that just consumes far too much of your valuable time, time you don’t have?

The key issues associated with time spent shredding is all about how capable the shredder being utilised is. If you feel the shredder your using is wasting your valuable time, chances are it is too small or just too old to complete your shredding in a timely manner. There are several steps that take place during the shredding process that can add to the time it takes to complete. Looking at what typically happens during shredding at the office, here are some common factors that can add to the time it takes to complete:

  • Preparation of Documents, If too thick will require separating into smaller thicknesses prior to shredding.
  • Overfeeding Too Often With Resultant Jams, Requires additional preparation by reversing, separating into smaller thicknesses, then refeeding.
  • Lack of Productivity, Low sheet capacity and slow feeding speed.
  • Frequency of Emptying, Shredder bins that are too small filling too fast.
  • Distractive Noise, Office shredders that produce too much noise will restrict when you choose shred with more papers building up.

There are other factors that can add to the time it takes to complete and we encourage you to SHARE any points that you encounter while shredding at your office.

Document Dynamix Australia understands what outcomes users want to complete their shredding. Consensus shows, not a single person would disagree, the most important user requirements in the context of shredding at the office are:

1. Highest Productivity, Efficient and flexible completion of shredding in the shortest possible time.

2. Absence of Distractive Noise, Freeing users to shred on their terms, at whatever time is convenient.

Document Dynamix Australia places a high priority on investment into ongoing product development projects. Our ultimate goal is always to position users with products that solve the above challenges encountered when shredding.

INFOSTOP IS5100 Series, by Document Dynamix Australia

The latest generation INFOSTOP IS5100 Series office shredders solves, for the vast majority of users, the above challenges experienced when shredding paper. Turning a task, literally into a pleasure is what the INFOSTOP IS5100 Series office shredders does. With a devastating breadth of performance, users of the IS5100 Series can enjoy completing their shredding in a fraction of the time. The standard inclusion of EconoShred Low Friction technology delivers easily by far the quietest levels of operation available and with lower power consumption while shredding is taking place.

It’s reassuring to know your information is Securely Cross Cut Shredded and shredded waste loads are now significantly reduced compared to volumes encountered by users of conventional paper shredders. Even compared to the recent fascination of Auto Feeding Paper Shredders, the INFOSTOP IS5100 Series easily completes shredding up to 25 times faster compared to Auto Feeding Paper Shredders, negating the point of auto feed shredding completely.

All in all, shredding with the latest generation INFOSTOP IS5100 Series office shredders makes for an entirely new transformed user experience, with levels of productivity and convenience never thought possible.

Do you need a better document shredder for your office?

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