Managed NFD Solutions

Managed NFD Solutions

Document Dynamix Australia is a pioneer in the area of managed NFD (Network Free Device) solutions, managing entire fleets of NFD’s Australia wide.

As these devices do not form part of a network, they often go unmanaged, under performing due to this fact.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your business processes to alleviate your administrative burden, resolve business challenges, deliver efficiencies, and improve overall stakeholder satisfaction and efficiency.

Typically NFD office devices are identified as: Paper Shredders, Document Binding Machines, Electric Hole Drills, Document Laminators, Electric Staples and Electric Guillotines.

Put simply, our aim is the optimise your workflow efficiencies and care for our environment by improving the operation and life cycle of these office devices.

Environmental Commitment

Document Dynamix Australia’s approach to environmentally friendly and green NFD management means that by engaging us, your office will be even greener – Reducing Power Consumption, Carbon Emissions and Avoiding Landfill.

We work hard to Close The Loop, partnering with E-Recycling facilities to process devices at the end of life.

We ensure our commitment to the environment is never compromised maintaining environmentally responsible disposal practises.

Through simple but effective NFD management such as scheduled maintenance, elimination of unnecessary failure is avoided and device life cycles are maximised.

This approach helps avoid expensive replacement costs, sometimes involving capital expenditure.

Positive Outcomes

Managed NFD’s perform better year round with vastly higher levels of user satisfaction.

History shows, NFD’s managed with a uniform approach, will position your organisation with the least impact to your human and financial resources, with all stakeholders enjoying increased uptime and minimal inconvenience.

Pioneering a Multi Brand managed approach, we enable entire fleets of NFD’s to be cared for under the one umbrella. Removing the extra confusion and wasted time involved operating a mixed fleet, your time can be free to get on with business.

We are committed to serving our clients with specific and customised solutions that deliver positive outcomes managing your NFD’s. On an annual basis, fleet condition reporting is provided which includes suggested corrective action (if required). An example of our customised solutions is the case of a high use area, we may at times suggest a device be rotated accordingly for a device from a lower use area to spread the workflow and help maximise the effective lifespan of the asset.

Condition reporting also assists with more accurate budgeting & forecasting for future replacement of devices.

We also cater for single NFD users, whatever your size, We Are Here to Help You and Our Environment.

Need your NFD’s managed, call Documemt Dynamix Australia today. Our friendly team of professionals are here to assist.

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