Extra Security on Information Management Systems

Add An Extra Layer of Security to Your Information Management Systems

During our day at the office, the volumes of information that arrives and departs offices is beyond belief! In fact the grand scale of information we are exposed to on a daily basis is of staggering proportion.

Most offices that embrace technology (who doesn’t) are digitising their paper based information by scanning documents, and this only makes sense. But how well is your office positioned to securely and efficiently protect it’s outgoing paper based information once been scanned, now making a permanent departure from the confines of your office?

Scanners and shredders are perfect complimentary products to make paperless office projects happen. Generally to shred documents once scanned, does not necessarily require a particularly large shredder to complete this process. In fact the greater frequency shredding takes place once documents have scanned, usually the smaller the shredder is required.

Nothing substitutes the sheer security and peace of mind that shredding provides when performed within the confines of your office.. That said, there can still be inadequacies that could lead to leakage of information due to inadequate devices being used.

Howard France, head of Document Dynamix Australia, a specialist provider of office shredding solutions, has witnessed too many times, poor workplace practices in the area of shredding documents at offices. Howards conclusion is, “It’s Not Rocket Science”, actually it’s all about Time vs Outcome and in too many cases too much time is spent for too little outcome. This it stands to reason during our hectic days at the office.

There is an answer and its more than just Time vs Outcome. To complete your shredding very quickly is indeed of very high importance, as this ensures that security shredding of all documents are shredded securely. Often overlooked with a fast and capable office shredder, is extra noise that comes with it. What if the shredder was restrictive to use due to extra noise levels, noise levels other occupants in your office could not tolerate? Shredding may not happen as it should with backlogs of documents building up.

Great value is placed on the quietness of all office devices and office shredders is no different. Large office shredders that operate with minimal levels of distractive noise are few and far between however they can be found.

The INFOSTOP brand of commercial office shredders offer class leading quietness and can truly be used in share workspaces without interrupting conversations. The class leading quietness of INFOSTOP office shredders can be directly attributed to the adoption of “Low Friction Shredding Technology” with cutter design exclusive to INFOSTOP office shredders. In addition to library standard quietness enjoyed by users of INFOSTOP office shredders, lower power consumption as another welcome result, again thanks to the efficient cutter design INFOSTOP office shredders.

“Low Friction Shredding Technology” is the future in efficient and productive office shredding solutions. Rest assured, INFOSTOP “Low Friction Shredding Technology” is always being further developed with this innovative architecture continually being optimised.

Add your extra layer of information security with INFOSTOP Office Paper Shredders.

A Shredding Experience Like No Other.

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