Multimedia Shredding Machines For Todays Modern Office


Paper based information and the printed data it contains is tangible. It is only human nature to be more concerned about destroying papers of a confidential nature. Today, many options are available to ensure the secure destruction of your documents using paper shredders and document destruction companies.

Classified information handled by governments can be destroyed through approved Class A and Class B paper shredders which are security endorsed meeting the Class A and Class B requirements. Document destruction providers with sufficient accreditation and vetting, are also able to provide secure destruction to meet the Australian government Class A and Class B requirements.

Hard Drives, USB & SD Data Devices

By comparison to data held on paper, hard drives hold by far the largest amounts of information. For most, it is beyond comprehension just how much equivalent paper based information is stored on a hard drive. Most would agree, there is a limited perception of the sheer mass of information stored on Hard Drives, USB and SD cards and often the safe storage of these devices is overlooked. USB and SD based media carriers are often left unsecured. These small, easily accessed devices, when in the wrong hands, can reveal large amounts of information.

On Demand Security

Your IT Department can now shred HDD’s, USB’s and SD cards in the confines of your office. Once shredded, the structural/physical integrity of traditional platter and SSD based HDD’s are altered so there is no chance these devices can be operated again. The same can be said for USB and SD media which are unrecognised once shredded.

Peace of Mind

Imagine that the hard drive you want to dispose of contains the equivalent information of 5000 reams or 2.5 million pages of paper. Having absolute peace of mind your HDD’s can never be operated again can only be achieved by way of shredding. Once sanitized by way of degaussing, the hard drive is physically in the same state as before and the question remains: Can the data still be recovered? The only way to confirm a hard drive is properly degaussed with 100% success is to reinstall it and diagnose the drive with forensic software which is time consuming and also costly.

Absolutely Secure Solution

Shredding up to 6 x HDD’s per minute is efficient and instant, ensuring 100% destruction. The device can never be used again!

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