Understanding a Paper Shredder or Binders Sheet Capcity

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Why Doesn’t My Office Machine Doesn’t Perform Like the Advertising Said.

And Why is it that every time you buy a piece of office equipment does it never punch the amount of pages or shredder the amount of sheets it says it does on the brochure.
The answer is simple, but not what you would expect.

“American & European Paper” Almost all brochures and advice given by Reps is based on American & European Paper, which is 70gsm and not on the more luxurious 80gsm that we have here in Australia.
Why is this done?

The answer is simple it makes the numbers on the page look bigger and the machine in question look more capable.
It has become such an industry standard that no-one would dare spec a different way in the fear that your machine would not be considered in this fast pace and competitive word.  

Personally I pride myself on always explaining the whole and honest picture to my clients and yet I am armed with information based on 70gsm figures.
All I can do is be honest every time that I speak to someone and explain to them what I am telling you now.

In summary if you are looking at a shiny new piece of office equipment to buy, when you read the specs on said brochure or quote be mindful to shave a couple of pages off.

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