Why Not All Shredder Oils Are The Same

It is always a good idea to keep your shredder oiled as this will free the cutting head of build up and allows the head to move more freely (this can increase productivity).

Yes oiling your shredder once a week is a good habit unless you are using a poor quality oil.
Some shredder oils on the market have a habit of going sticky once they  are exposed to air. This sticky residue can clog shredders and do more to labour the
shredders cutters than clear out the paper build up from the blades.

How do you know if your oil is like this? Simple get your bottle of oil that you have been using and check around the lid or nib, If it feels sticky then you know.

Bonus note if you find that you have been using a “sticky oil” you should get your Shredder Serviced ASAP before unnecessary damage is done to your machine.  

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