Supporting Your Healthy Office Environment

Most paper shredder manufacturers recommend that regular servicing and maintenance is beneficial towards extending the operating life and improving the performance of your paper shredding machine.

But a shredder that lasts longer and works better, isn’t the only reason to have your paper shredder maintained regularly. 

Like most office machines that use paper, a result of document feeding and handling is the build up of paper dust and lint deposits. Even the cleanest offices can contain surprisingly high levels of dust emission’s generated by business machines such as MFD’s, Printers, Folding Machines, Paper Shredders, Binding Machines, Paper Punches and Hole Drills to mention a few. 

Office machines that receive regular maintenance are far less likely to generate dust in the office as the interior of these machines remains relatively clean between routine maintenance intervals.
Office equipment that receives no or little routine maintenance are more likely to cause troubling dust emissions, due to large amounts of accumulated dust on the interior of the machine being circulated around during operation.

For those who work in the same office area as these business machines, working conditions are improved with cleaner air quality and an environment that is less likely to aggravate hay fever, allergy and similar conditions.

Remember, a Healthy Office is a Happy Office.
Paper Shredder Preventative Maintenance
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