Why Could Your Paper Shredder Sound Noisy

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Why could your paper shredders operation be noisier the necessary?

There are many reasons why a paper shredder may be noisy in operation and on this post we will discuss the more common reasons why.

Some paper shredders are freighted with transit/shipping screws to keep the cutting head isolation mounts secure during transport. When transit/shipping screws are not removed after delivery, operation can seem noisy due to excess vibration caused by the cutting head being screwed down hard against the shredders cabinet. Once the transit/shipping screws are removed, the isolation mounts can do the job they are designed to do which is to isolate mechanical borne vibration.

Dated mechanical design of older paper shredders can simply be the reason for noisy operation. This is most evident while shredding paper with excessive noise being generated. Simply, the cutting action of older design shredding blades cut through paper less efficiently while consuming more energy. When compared to technologies applied to the design of paper shredders today, users enjoy far quieter operation and increased convenience while consuming far less energy.

Lack of lubrication can also contribute to the noisy running of a paper shredder. Users can oil the blades and when properly applied can reduce noise and improve shredding capacity and efficiency. If your shredder has not been serviced for over 12 months, poorly lubricated gears, chains, bearings and bushes will create extra noise. Loose chains & grub screws that act as drive components can also generate mechanical noise, loosely termed as “Lash”.

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