In the Habit of Oiling your Paper Shredders Blades

The Daily Shred

It’s the start of our working week and one of the first things to do if your office actively shreds their documents, is to Oil Your Paper Shredders Blades.

Like we replenish the toner in printers and multi function devices, a better result will be enjoyed by users who oil their blades weekly.

The most obvious differences once your shredders blades have been oiled, is increased sheet capacity with quieter and smoother operation.

Differences not obvious to users once your shredders blades have been oiled is Less Energy Consumption (due to clearing of debris from the blade surfaces), Less Strain on your Shredders Motor and Gears especially when shredding variable medias such as CD’s, DVD’s & Blu-ray DIscs.

Need advice about types of shredder oil and what oil is be best used your machine/s blades, we have many great ideas to share.
Feel free to reach out to a DDX client service specialist for practical and informative advice.

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