Buyers Guidance High Security Endorsed Paper & Optical Media Shredders

Australian Government
Destruction of Official Classified Paper Based Information is often undertaken using High Security, Class A and Class B paper shredders.

There is still confusion surrounding Class A, Class B paper and Optical Media High Security Shredding machines and how to know they meet the requirements of the Australian Government security requirements.

To clarify the above, paper shredders that meet the Class A and Class B paper requirements have been tested in accordance with the ASIO T4 Protective Security SEG (security equipment guide – SEG001.1 – v1.0 06/09/2011) by an accredited, recognised testing authority such as a NATA testing house. 

Once the test house completes the TEST PROCEDURES for Class A and B paper, only then can it be determined if the equipment being tested has passed or failed the testing procedure according to the ASIO T4 Protective Security SEG (security equipment guide – SEG001.1 – v1.0 06/09/2011).

Upon passing the test, it is most common practice for the test house to issue a test report as evidence that the paper shredder has passed and meets the Class A and Class B requirements for shredding paper.

Below is a guide for what information classification is to be shredded into paper particle sizes for Class A and Class B.

Class A
A Class A crosscut shredder must be used for the destruction of material classified at SECRET or above.
Which has a nominal cut size of 1mm x 20mm or less.

Class B
Material classified at CONFIDENTIAL, PROTECTED is to be shredded in a Class B crosscut shredder.
Which has a nominal cut size of 2.3mm x 25mm of less.

The outcome of testing will determine a pass or fail with a test report being provided for shredders that have passed the test.

If your office handles Classified Printed documents that need to be shredded and you need to purchase a high security paper shredder, you can ask the supplier to provide the Test Report to verify the shredders being recommended, do actually meet the Class A and Class B requirements.

Other useful resources including information about the ASIO T4 Protective Security SEG (security equipment guide – SEG001.1 – v1.0 06/09/2011) are available to access on the Australian Government Directory Govdex for federal government departments and their security advisors to utilise. The Australian Government Information Security Manual and another valuable source of useful information.

Publications are available to government from ASIO-T4 or on the Protective Security Policy community on Govdex (Access to the PSP community is for government security personnel only, to gain access please contact the Attorney-General’s Dept at

Non-government organisations such as contractors to the Australian government, may access ASIO-T4 publications through the Business Liaison Unit wesbite.

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