Hard Drive Shredders

Hard Drive Shredding is the Most Secure Method of Protecting Large Amounts of Confidential Data!
After a hard drive is shredded, it cannot be operated ever again being shredded into many pieces and this is why shredding hard drives presents as the most secure and convenient option when secure destruction is required.

Because  information stored on a hard drive is not tangible or visible, this is why the secure destruction of retired or faulty hard drives must be taken very seriously.

It is difficult to imagine what volume of information your are in possession of when stored on a hard drive, however to put this into simple terms, here is a average conversion of common file types showing average Pages per Gigabite.

Document Type Average Pages Per Gigabyte Pages Stored On 400 Gigabyte HD
Word 64,000  25,600,000
Excel 165,000  66,000,000
Powerpoint 17,000  6,800,000
Email 100,00  40,000,000

 Being such large numbers, you cannot afford to take the risk and we hope this blog gives you a better perspective about the importance of shredding your hard drives.

Document Dynamix Australian offers a comprehensive range of hard drive shredding solutions including a Secure Hard Drive Shredding Service and a large range of Hard Drive Shredders to purchase.

Whatever your hard drive destruction needs, we can provide your organisation with the best solution that securely and conveniently takes care of your digitally stored confidential data.

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