When Your Paper Shredders Bin Is Full

Nearly all Paper Shredders will have a Bin Full Indicator. They generally appear as a warning light on the top cover of the machine, some will have a backlit icon of a full bin, others may have the words “Bin Full”, backlit in red.

Unless your machine is older or is malfunctioning, it should cut off when the Bin Full indicator is activated by a full waste compartment.

It is important to act when this indicator is showing. If a Paper Shredder is overfilled, and continues to shred, paper will be picked up from under the machine and deposited, along with the new shredded paper, in the recesses of the cover.

In most cases, continued shredding will lead to serious compaction of this paper and your machine will deteriorate quickly.
Damage will include cutting mechanism failure, gearbox failure and bearing failure.

If your machine does not cut off after the Bin Full indicator activates, you should have your machine checked by a professional to avoid serious failure.

It should be part of your daily routine to check the bin of your machine, this will avoid any issues arising.

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