High Security Document Shredders

High security paper shredders and optical media shredders are typically used by government offices, defence departments and intelligence agencies.

Mostly required for the destruction protected and highly sensitive data, in the context of shredding paper, these devices are often referred to as micro cut and super micro cut paper shredders.

Document destruction beyond forensic recovery is achieved by using document shredders designed for the purpose of shredding paper to a high security level whereby reconstruction of any shredded matter is impossible.

The Australian federal government, Australian defence forces, government agencies and contractors to the Australian federal government mostly require high security SEG approved paper and optical media shredders for shredding of classified and regulated data.

To meet the Australian government protective security framework laid out by ASIO T4 Protective Security, all shredding of classified, protected, highly protected and top secret documents is to be performed using high security shredders that have been tested and found to meet the guidelines set out in the Security Equipment Guide (SEG) developed by ASIO T4 Protective Security.

Paper shredding machines approved for use by the Australian federal government are categorised as “Class A” or “Class B” paper shredders.

  • Class A is the highest paper shredding security recognised by the Australian government are usually security level DIN 5 or P6 industry security level standard.
  • Class B is the second highest security level recognised by the Australian government which are usually referred to as security level DIN  or P5 industry standard security level.

Prior to the SEG being developed by ASIO T4 protective security, the testing of these devices was also performed by ASIO T4 protective security to ensure they perform to a standard that consistently meets “Class A” and “Class B” requirements, these were called SCEC Endorsed Paper Shredders.

In 2010 ASIO T4 Protective Security ceased testing paper and optical media shredders by introducing the Security Equipment Guide (SEG). The SEG outlines the test process and procedures for document shredders in order to identify if they pass or fail the testing process to meet the Australian government Class A & Class B shredding guidelines.

  • In summary:
    SCEC endorsed shredders have become obsolete.
  • Moving forward, SEG approved shredders are recognised as approved Class A and Class B shredders for use by Australian government offices, defence forces, intelligence agencies and Australian government contractors.

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