Digital Data Destruction

Elastic Cloud Computing is Reality and Definitely Part of Computing for the Future

For those who have not yet embraced this stable and flexible computing solution, it’s only a matter of time due to the broad and effective advantages of this effective computing infrastructure strategy.

Elastic Compute Cloud provides a scalable capacity computing solution in the cloud. The Elastic Compute Cloud eliminates the need for investment in hardware up front, which means you can develop & roll out applications faster and more efficiently. Launching as many or as little virtual servers as you need, configure security and networking, and manage storage. Scaling up or down to handle changes in requirements or bursts in popularity, reduces your requirement to forecast future traffic.

But what about orchestration of the security associated with Virtualised Server Drive Storage and more to the point, its physical location and how the physical data carriers are disposed of once retired or redundant. This question is best discussed with your provider who provisions your facility.

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