Why A3 Paper Shredders Are Easier to Use

Have you considered purchasing your next paper shredder with an A3 feed entry?

Users mainly shredding A4 paper may think it’s not important to have a A3 paper shredder, however there are missed benefits by doing without.
Now Days especially, the cost of A3 paper shredders has never been more affordable, in fact the entry price point for some A3 paper shredder brands has halved in the last 24 months.

Document Sizes

For users shredding A4 documents through an A3 paper shredder, the need to straighten paper before feeding is mostly negated due to a 300mm or wider feed entry. No longer will paper foul on the edges causing unnecessary paper jams, saving you valuable time.
IS5030X Paper PortraitIS5030X Paper Landscape
As the paper feed entry is wider on A3 shredders, usually the cabinet is also wider which adds to the waste capacity meaning less emptying for even greater convemience.

A3 paper shredders allow for A4 documents to be inserted into the shredder not only along the short side (210mm) but also on the long side (297mm), in real world terms this means shredding will be completed faster with no or minimal straightening of documents prior to shredding.

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