Best Paper Shredder Brands

Brands, brands, brands. It seems brands are multiplying at an alarming rate. From vehicles to televisions, it seems the brands we used to know and trust are being swamped. In many cases this is good for the consumer as it brings prices down, and gives us more choice, and this directly forces manufacturers to make better products due to the extra competition. Well, so you would think……

Paper shredders are not exempt from this. In the last 20 years, the varieties of shredding machines has exploded. Many machines are manufactured in China, and rebranded all around the world. The older, more well known ,manufacturers have had to change their manufacturing to keep up and remain competitive. Machines that were once made in the USA or England, are now made in Asia. This is not a bad thing. Asian factories are competing with one and other for business and are increasingly focusing on quality to secure large contracts from the bigger brands.

The oldest manufacturers are EBA, or Krug & Priester, they also manufacture for IDEAL and some models for Fellowes. Fellowes themselves have been around for a long time, an American company, much of their personal range is Asian manufactured. INFOSTOP is another brand which has a good reputation, focusing on simplicity and heavy duty construction. Some other well developed brands include Intimus, Martin Yale and KOBRA. These manufacturers have well developed ranges with long term experience in shredding equipment. Fellowes and INFOSTOP are shredder specialists, so you know the product is going to be made to a certain standard, and Krug and Priester, a German company, has a fine reputation for quality. If you are looking for a long lasting shredder, you will be looking in the right place if you consider these brands.

If time is taken to research your choice before purchasing, a lot of time and money can be saved. Check reviews to se what others have experienced, and review the products yourself, thereby helping the rest of us, as well as the manufacturer know what the product is like.

Document Dynamix can help you decide which brand and which machine will do the best job, for your security as well as your budget.

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