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The Daily Shred!

Often, when we service or repair a shredder for a client, we see various types of plastics caught in the “cutting mechanism”. Paper shredders are not designed to shred soft plastics like Lamination Pouches, Post Bags or Plastic Inserts for files. When soft plastics such as these are shredded, they aren’t cut, as paper would be, but are stretched and can compress into the spaces between the shredding blades. This has to be removed by hand, for if it continues to build up, the sheet capacity will deteriorate and quite possibly cause your machine to over heat earlier than it should. As a result it will use more electricity, and the lifespan of the machine could be shortened.

Firmer plastic, such as Credit Cards, ID Cards, Security Cards, SIM Cards, Smart Cards, Proximity Access Cards and Licenses do not present a problem as the stiffness of the plastic allows it to be ejected through the blades, some pieces may wedge between the blades, but no where near the amount the softer plastic will. Very brittle plastics, such as the type found in CD and DVD media, is fine too, but we recommend users use caution when shredding CD or DVD media, as the plastic is so brittle shards can be propelled back out of the machine, and can cause eye injury. A solution is to wrap the CD or DVD in a piece of paper, any shards will be more contained within the paper.

Tip! Before shredding cards and discs, oil your shredder to maximise your machines capacity.

If your shredder seems to be running at a lower capacity, or overheats quickly, check if softer plastics have been shredded through the machine. If you are having any trouble with your shredder, contact our Service Department, who are only too pleased to answer any questions, and help with advice or book your machine on for a service too.

 For help and tips about shredding plastic items, feel free to contact our customer service specialists for useful and informative advice.

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