GBC Foton 30 Automated Laminator

Model: FOTON30230AU

$1,835.00 inc GST

GBC Foton 30, A Revolution in Automatic Lamination with 98% Time Savings vs Pouch Laminating.

No More Standing!

Significant R&D investment driving innovation by ACCO Brands brings the GBC Foton 30, the first Fully Automatic Feed and Trim Desktop Laminator ever launched to the masses.

The GBC Foton 30 Automatic laminator was developed primarily to save time by removing the inefficient task of loading documents into traditional laminating pouches, aligning the document square and then waiting for the pouch to feed through then repeat, repeat, repeat and so on.

Not only do GBC Foton Automatic Laminators save significant amounts of time through automation, they also remove the risk of human error such as crooked loading, jams and wraparounds so often encountered in traditional pouch laminators, usually from feeding pouches into the feed entry in the wrong orientation.

Consideration has also been given to sustainability by reducing environmental impact with the reuse of cartridge frames used to reload refill rolls of film which are available in 75 micron and 125 micron laminate.

  • Automatically laminate pages up to 297 x 420mm
  • Able to auto feed up to 30 sheet batches
  • Inbuilt de-skew technology to ensure straight and consistent lamination every time
  • Choice of 75 micron and 125 micron thickness rolls of film