Document Imaging and Data Capture – Every Document Has Its Day!

Office paper is a major part of our everyday lives with usage worldwide and in Australia on the increase. The information age continues to generate a literal “Tidal Wave” of documents with no sign of volumes receding.

Do you need a bigger office? Or do you just need to create more office space?

Often storage of records that are no longer required consume expensive floor space, space that could be more productively utilised.

INFOSCAN™ document imaging scanners, enable you to control how much office space your stored documents consume by electronically capturing documents that are able to be imaged.

SNAPSHOT™ document imaging software is designed to put you in the drivers seat!
A highly intuitive, searchable and organized electronic filing cabinet – SNAPSHOT™, indexing and cataloging methods make every day capturing and retrieval of all electronic documents so simple.

Standalone or Networked – A4 – A3 – High Speed – Duplex Document Scanners.