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Infostop Paper Shredders

Model: AS200M
Time Saving, Effortless Auto Feed


Paper Shredder Features Paper shredder will shred staples Paper shredder doesn't shreds paperclips Paper shredder will shred CDs & DVDs Paper shredder will shred Credit Cards Paper shredder doesn't shreds USB drives
Paper shredder will shred this many paper sheets
Sheet Capacity
190 Sheets
Paper shredder security type
Shred Type
Paper shredder features easy empty
This paper shredder is energy efficient
Paper shredder is library quiet
Paper shredder features auto reverse
Auto Reverse
No Jam
Paper shredder bin capacity
Optifill - Mess Free
27 Capacity
Paper shredder features easy empty
Direct Drive
Paper shredder no auto oiler
Not Available
Paper shredder is PCI Compliant

Paper shredder size
Paper shredder noise
  • Includes a *6 sheet hand feed bypass slot
  • 4x10mm particles up to 5 times more secure than standard cross-cut
  • Less emptying by superior compaction of micro-shreds
  • Bin sweeper evenly distributes particles, to maximise bin capacity
  • Automatically stops when the bin is full
  • Thermal overload protection and cool down indicator
  • Auto & manual reverse to clear jams
  • Energy saving sleep mode when inactive
Size Capability Small Office
Auto Feed Tray Capacity * 190 Sheets
Hand Feed Capacity/Entry Width mm (A4) 6/225
Particle Size/Type/Security Level Din: 66399 4x10mm/Micro Cut/P-4
Paper Tray Lock (user generated pin) N/A
Auto & Manual Shreds Staples/Paper Clips Yes/No
Shreds CD/DVD/Blu-ray/Credit Card Medias Yes 1 Per Pass
Dedicated Media Feed Entry + Collection Bin Yes
Easy Change Auto Feed Cartridges * N/A
Auto Oiler N/A
Particle Distribution Sweeper Yes
Waste Capacity (litres) 27
Paper Clip Recovery Tray N/A
Auto Start Stop Manual Feed Yes
Anti-Jam + Auto Reverse Yes
Auto Stop When Opened or Full Yes
Usage Counter N/A
Long Continuous Run Time Yes
Unit Dimensions (WXDXH) 44.5x35x52 cm
Unit Weight (KG) 14.5
Castors Yes
Item Code: Shredder Bags ISBS4
Item Code: Oil Sheets / Oil Bottle ISHST

* Specifications determined using 70gsm A4, unstapled paper.
* No tools required to change.