My Shredders Auto Start/Stop Feature Is Not Functioning Correctly

If you have dusty Auto-Start/Stop sensors you may find your shredder may randomly turn on by itself on or not stop after shredding (best to turn off after use or when leaving the office) or react to how much light is around and may turn on when a light close to where the shredder is located is turned on.

If your sensors are dirty, unplug your shredder from the power supply and use a tissue wrapped around a ruler or a cotton bud to clean the eyes by rubbing it over the 2 sensors usually located opposite each other at the centre of the feed entries. Some shredders have more than one feed entry with feed sensors on each feed entry such as CD/DVD and Credit/ID card entries.

Tip: Oiling your shredder using the correct methods, also keeps oil away from the Auto-Start/Stop sensors which can attract dust if they have oil on them.