Why Use ShredderCare™ OEM & Compatible Paper Shredder Bags?


Can you use a regular garbage bin liner in your paper shredder instead of the shredder bag from the shredder manufacturer? You can certainly use these garbage bin liners instead of shredder bags. Usually they are less expensive and can work well with strip cut shredded waste. However, ShredderCare™ OEM & Compatible shredder bags are much thicker than regular garbage bin liners. The greater bag thickness is the reason ShredderCare shredder bags are better suited to containing shredded waste.

Document Dynamix Australia recommends using ShredderCare™ OEM & Compatible Paper Shredder Bags for three good reasons:

First, If your using a cross cut or micro cut paper shredder, there will be 3-5 times the weight of shredded paper in the bag compared to strip cut shredded waste. Cross shredding reduces your shredded waste enormously and you will also use far less shredder bags. However you need a strong shredder bag to handle the extra weight otherwise a split bag = a big mess! A mess you could do without.

Second, if you shred CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-ray discs and papers with staples & paper clips, there will be sharps in your shredded waste that can cut the shredder bag. The great strength, durability and extra thickness of ShredderCare™ OEM & Compatible Paper Shredder Bags means no rips or tears while you are carrying shredded material. A torn shredder bag is simply an annoyance you can do without.

Third reason why ShredderCare™ OEM & Compatible Paper Shredder Bags make so much sense is waste capacity. These bags were designed with the specifications of specific paper shredder models in mind to fit perfectly into the shredder and maximize available space. This means you won’t have to empty the bag as frequently as a generic plastic garbage bag liner. Document Dynamix Australia stock Paper Shredder Bags suitable for most brands and models. 

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