Information To Know Rexel Paper Shredders Features and Troubleshooting

The current generation of Rexel paper shredders can be categorised into two ranges being Hand Feed and Auto Feed. Essentially the Momentum range are hand feed shredders and the Optimum AutoFeed+ range are paper shredders that feed automatically, sometimes called Stack and Shred.

Previous ranges of paper shredders by Rexel include Mercury , Auto+ , Auto+ SmarTech , Secure Home and SOHO machines. The latest ranges of office and home use paper shredders by Rexel includes a similar choice of hand and auto feed models as the discontinued ranges did.

Within the Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges is a generous choice of models, designed with different capabilities for varying volumes, security levels and user preferences.

Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ shredders provide a real alternative to manual feed shredding. These can still be hand fed and also having the option to auto feed certainly adds to productivity with generous time savings. Having the option to auto feed is especially useful for users confronted with large stacks of paper to shred, which required valuable time to shred manually.

Features and Design

Most obvious visual changes to the Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges are the absence of mechanical push type buttons, replaced with touch sensitive buttons which work on the principal of capacitance. The responsiveness of touch sensitive buttons can sometimes be of frustration to users with performance varying according to atmospheric conditions such as humidity levels. That said touch sensitive buttons can work well under the right conditions.

Optimum AutoFeed+ models include Anti Jam technology and some Momentum range include the same. Some Optimum AutoFeed+ models also include 4-digit PIN lockable chamber for added security, restricting access to un-shredded documents. Rexel claims longer continuous operation times for the Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges thanks to motor cooling.

The sensor which turns the shredder off when the bin becomes full uses a Infrared bin full sensor type which is uniform across the Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges. The Optimum AutoFeed+ range are available as Cross Cut and Micro Cut for users with a higher security requirement. The Momentum range consist mainly of Cross Cut however Micro Cut models are gradually being introduced to this range including the Rexel M510 and M515.

Standard (east west) and Slim Line (north south) designs are available to fit into a range of spaces.

Shredder Consumables Oil Sheets and Bags

The Rexel Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges are easy to oil using convenient oil sheets. These are mess free and easy to apply simply by feeding into the shredder like paper. Containing shredded waste in a convenient fitted shredder bag makes for mess free handling. Convenient packs of gusseted shredder bags are sized to fit Rexel Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ shredders.

Oiling a Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ Shredder Is Explained Below

The Rexel Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges can be maintained by the user be feeding oil sheets into the manual feed entry just like paper. Using oil sheets is a convenient, mess free and fast way to oil your shredder. Use Rexel Oil Sheets (2101948 & 2101949) to lubricate. ACCO Brands accepts no liability for product performance or safety when other types of lubricants are used on any part(s) of this machine. Rexel recommend using an oil sheet after the bin has been emptied three times (and every three bin emptying after this). Insert the oil sheet into the manual feed slot and NOT in the auto-feed chamber. Using an oil sheet in the auto-feed chamber will contaminate the feed rollers preventing the auto-feed mechanism shredding. Follow the maintenance instructions if the rollers become contaminated.

Other Maintenance

The paper intake rollers on the auto-feed mechanism may become dirty over time which can compromise the operation of the auto feed function, please wipe clean with a dry cloth to maintain maximum product performance. The auto-start infrared sensor, located in the paper feed entry slot, can occasionally become covered in paper-dust causing the shredder to run despite no paper being fed into the machine. Switch the shredder off at the rear of the machine and carefully clean the sensor using a cotton-swab.

Spare Parts Supported Models

The Rexel Momentum and Optimum AutoFeed+ ranges are reliable products that if properly maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, will perform reliably over a long period of time. From time to time electric, electronic or mechanical failure may occur. For spare parts ordering, it is important to note the model and serial number of your Rexel shredder as this helps to accurately identify the correct part. A PCB for instance can change during a models product life due to revisions, by providing the serial number, this will better position your supplier of Rexel spare parts to accurately identify the correct part. For mechanical components such as gears and Auto Feed Rollers having the serial number will make it easier to identify the correct part number required.

Preventative Maintenance

For Optimum AutoFeed+ 300 600 and 750 sheet capacity models, Rexel recommends Optimum AutoFeed+ machines are serviced every 6 to 12 months by a Rexel qualified service engineer. By having your Rexel shredder well maintained with a maintenance contract, users will enjoy better performance and reliability year-round. Planning for periodic preventative maintenance is managed by the service provider, so users don’t have to remember the service intervals with this being the service supplier’s responsibility.