Best Practices for Purchasing Class A and Class B Paper Shredders

The provision of Class A and Class B paper shredders is a mandatory requirement of the Australian government and contractors to the government for shredding Security Classified Information

The shredded paper size is the first logical step involved when sourcing an A Class or B Class shredder. A good starting point when researching shredders, should be determined by the size of the shredded particles.

Class A shredders are the highest security, usually P-6 or P-7 security levels while Class B high security paper shredders usually produce P-5 security level shredded particles.

Not every P5, P6 or P7 paper shredder is certified for Class A or Class B shredding.

What Can You Do To Be Sure?

Request the supplier to supply the NATA Testing Laboratory Report, particularly the ASIO T4 Protective Security, SECURITY EQUIPMENT GUIDE (SEG001.1), TEST PROCEDURES for Class A and B paper shredders (v1.0 06/09/2011). Professional suppliers of these high security paper shredders should know specifically of the NATA test report and understand your reason asking for it.
If extra help is needed, contact us directly on: 1800 874 733 and we will help guide you through this process.

The test report is evidence the products under consideration, meet the Class A or Class B requirements.

NATA approved testing companies are professionally resourced to accurately test paper shredders for Class A and Class B. Providing the outcome of testing on the test report is a PASS, you as the buyer can be assured the shredder meets the requirements for shredding security classified information. 

How security classified information contained on a document is classified as CONFIDENTIAL, PROTECTED or SECRET, will determine if a “Class A or Class B” shredder is to be used.

“Class A”

A “Class A” cross cut shredder, must be used for the destruction of materiel classified at SECRET to TOP SECRET. Furthermore “Class A” shredders require a nominal cross cut particle size of 1mm x 20mm or less to meet one of several observations for “Class A” requirements of the SEG (security equipment guide).

“Class B”

For material classified at CONFIDENTIAL, PROTECTED, this is to be shredded using a “Class B” cross cut shredder.  A nominal cross cut particle size of 2.3mm x 25mm or less is also necessary to meet one of several observations for “Class B” requirements of the SEG (security equipment guide).

In Summary

  1. Choose a respected supplier.
  2. Choose the security level required (P-5, P-6, P-7)
  3. Due Diligence – Request the correct NATA test report for the brand / model/s being considered.
  4. Carefully read the NATA test report supplied (SECURITY EQUIPMENT GUIDE (SEG001.1), TEST PROCEDURES) and understand the outcome of testing is actually a PASS. IMPORTANT! Because test reports are also provided if the conclusion of the NATA testing has been determined as a FAIL.

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