GBC Foton Reloadable Cartridge & Film 75 Micron

Model: 4410023

$128.00 inc GST

Reloadable cartridge with 75 Micron film for the GBC Foton 30 automatic laminator.

Reduce your environmental impact by cutting down on disposable plastic waste compared to single-use film cartridges. This cartridge comes pre-loaded with film and is reloadable. Reloading is easy – Simply open the locking arms, place film and plastic transfer piece into carrier and close locking arms to reload film. The perfect solution for any school or business.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to refill with new film
  • 75 Micron thickness
  • 56.4m roll length, one roll will laminate approximately 230 A4 size sheets
  • Cartridge comes pre-loaded with film and is easy to reload
  • Glossy finish helps emphasize colours in documents
  • Protects documents while retaining moderate flexibility