Electric Paper Drills Supply, Service & Repairs

Document Dynamix Australia supplies, repairs and services all brands of electric paper drills including Uchida, Lihit, Citoborma/Nagel, Stago, Corta and Filepecker. Electric hole drills are simple office devices however, there is a level of user education required to enjoy the best performance from these useful office machines. Often these business machines can be frustrating to use if the user is not familiar with the correct function or maintenance of electric paper drills. As a specialist in the area of maintenance and repairs of electronic paper drills, we can help position your operators to use these machine with the most positive outcomes.

Document Dynamix Australia also supplies spare parts for most electric hole drill brands. This includes drill bits, base boards, sharpening and lubrication accessories, which all help to protect and maintain the correct performance and longevity of your machine.

We service in and around Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

Poorly maintained electric paper drills cause user fatigue, unprofessional finish, paper burn, unpleasant odours, paper scorching and costly repairs so may be of interest that we also offer fully managed solutions by proactively maintaining your electric hole drill.

Properly maintained electric paper drills, become a pleasure to use so your users need never encounter operational frustration. Properly maintained electric hole drills, run smoother and with actuation requiring much less effort, users will enjoy significantly less fatigue when using these devices.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help either by attending your office or with free helpful advice over the phone.

Spare Parts & Consumables

Just some of the spare parts we have available.

Drill Bits:

Paper drill bitsPaper drill bits assorted

Drill Base Boards:

Paper drill base board
Drill Sharpener & Drill Sharpening Stone:
Paper drill sharpener stone


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